The Oprah Recipe

There is no argument on the positive impact an endorsement from Oprah can have on your business.  How did she become so influential?  After listening to numerous episodes of her podcast Super Soul Conversations it has become obvious.  Oprah does the work!  We can learn from Oprah’s approach and while we can’t play her celebrity card we can adopt the Oprah recipe.


Oprah actually reads the book of her guest.  She proves it by asking specific questions about statements on a certain page in the book.  She’ll state that I loved when you said on page 93 that you believed X.  Tell me more.  The statements are great conversation starters and they build a connection that the other interviews on the book tour don’t have as they ask the stock questions the publisher gave them.  Easy but lazy.  You don’t achieve great things by taking the easy rout.  Oprah’s recipe is hard but it tastes great.


Social Media

Media is changing and rather than sticking her head in the sand Oprah is embracing the change.  She has expanded her TV interview program to Supersoul Conversations, the Podcast.  If someone as recognizable as Oprah believes she can get her message out using a Podcast shouldn’t you?   Oprah also Tweets.  Her tweets come from her interviews where she will pause and proclaim – “that is a tweetable moment!” Maybe “the Real” Oprah can help Twitter’s image problem.



Oprah has done thousands of interviews and she references interviews that had an impact on her life.  The impact was emotional and she often compares that emotion to a feeling she is having with her current interview.  This practice bonds the two participants and shows that even with her celebrity Oprah has empathy.



Oprah does something we all can implement in our business and personal lives.  She asks a succinct question and she stops and listens to the person’s answer.  Sounds simple but we seldom do it.  You  can’t get a Tweetable moment unless you listen.


I won’t wait on the call or endorsement from Oprah.  I’ll make my own sunshine using Oprah’s recipe.