Monetizing Eyeballs

We all realize that word of mouth, referrals and political rallies cannot insure the success of our business or our election.  Recently this reality was exposed by the Cambridge Analytica scandal and has caused us all to question what is the right way to approach our marketing.  Unfortunately there will always be “bad actors” and our charge is to separate the wheat from the chaff and in this case separate bad actors from bad practices.  This blog will share our thoughts on the best way to monetize our new prospective clients without compromising their privacy.


We all want more people to understand and know our unique value.  Marketing has taken the baton to help us in this endeavor. Both Traditional and Digital marketing requires we create a succinct and understandable message for our business.  This process takes time and effort and will be achieved by working with an experienced traditional or digital marketing firm.  Once we agree on a message we can use it repetitively in all of our external and internal communications. I have found a good message will last a longtime.  Think about how long “Plop Plop Fizz Fizz” has remained in your brain.



How do we know if our marketing message is working?  The easiest and most effective way is to monitor how many new clients find you.  Traditional marketing and digital marketing firms have developed their own systems to show their clients the effectiveness of their recommendations.  Traditional marketing created  Nielsen ratings and Digital marketing uses Google Analytics.  Both seem self serving to me.



Once we employ a marketing campaign we need to shift our focus to monetizing all of the new eyeballs that are checking out our firm.  Traditional advertising includes our phone number and a our street address. Digital advertising includes our URL and a sign up page for our white papers.  Both marketing approaches encourage their clients to write books because a book can  position us as an expert and even though we seldom take books out of our bookcases the books will be there until we move and are forced to  organize our stuff.  Digital marketing provides another outlet for writers through blogs that are posted on the internet and similar to the advice we give our kids, once posted they are there forever…that can be a good thing too.


Traditional advertising has been around for over 70 years.  Does it work? Digital advertising is just getting started. Is it working?  There is no easy answer to either question but we can all agree that we need to get the word out about our firm just because we build it they might not come.  I believe PR and Marketing works but I’m just not sure if the multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad is worth it or what I should pay for clicks. Is that price worth risking my privacy?