My Final Job

I’ve said or heard the common refrain of  “this is my final job” as a financial advisor moved to a new firm.  Do we believe our statement or are we just kidding ourselves? Our FINAL answer to this question is important to us, our family and our most importantly our clients who are getting paperwork fatigue from our frequent moves.


It is human nature to rationalize our decisions.  Especially major decisions like changing a job, getting married or having children.  Money pays a significant role in each area and can distort our judgement causing us to rationalize whatever decision we make to maintain our sanity.  Unfortunately rationalizing has a short lifespan and when it expires we will be forced to deal with our buyer’s remorse.


First impressions are just that – first.  They are a good first step, but true love takes time.  The path is bumpy and we will be tempted to turn around and look for a smoother road.  The advice I received early in my professional career still rings in my head.. “Jeff, the grass is brown everywhere” This advice has prevented me from giving up and looking for greener pastures.  I’ve been married for 24 years but I’ve had seven different jobs. Each job ended for different reasons that were in my control and out of my control. Looking back I regret all of the changes I made that were in my control.  This blog hopefully will help you learn from my mistakes.


The statistics that over 65% of independent RIA’s do not have a Succession Plan is alarming but over the last few years it continues to hold steady at or above 65%.  The same is true for families that don’t have a will or an estate plan.  What is preventing us from what making these decisions?  It is a multifaceted answer that requires the help of an experienced specialist. Unfortunately a blog or a podcast can only get you started but can’t close the deal.

This must be how a retiring sports star must feel.  If I retire I’m not sure I could replace the Adrenalin rush provided by the games and I’m sure I couldn’t replace the money.

Upon further review maybe I’ll find another team.